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IoT: Revolution in the Making
23 May 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining significant traction among consumers and businesses. For businesses, this disruptive technology is also opening up new revenue streams. While consumer...

The IT-BPM Industry in India 2017: Strategic Review
22 May 2017

Digital, Automation, BPM, Engineering, Domestic, IOT, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Talent, Business Models, Future

India’s IT-BPM industry is projected to grow ~8% in FY2017 to USD 154 billion...

18 Apr 2017

New Delhi, 18 April, 2017: ​ Aiming to bridge India’s Start-up Success dream, ​ National Association of Software and Services Companies’ (NASSCOM) 10,000 Startups program ​ is all set to ​ give...

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