Digital Disruption: Transitioning to a Digital Enterprise

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Digital Disruption: Transitioning to a Digital Enterprise


Welcome to the AI, ML, AR, VR, IoT era, where disruption is the norm. Most of these disruptive technologies have been announced many years ago. They are now mature enough and ready to converge to be fully integrated into the design and engineering environment. From data driven demand prediction to customer co-creation, data driven to value or concurrent engineering, Data technologies have already started to transform the way products are designed, developed and consumed. A new class of increasingly complex products, designed with a mix of hardware, software, and connectivity at their core, is reshaping industries, redefining competition, and upgrading products. Thanks to digitization, companies across industries are racing to migrate "analog" approaches to customers, products, services, and operating models to an always-on, real-time, and information rich marketplace.

Some leaders are redesigning their capabilities and operating models to take full advantage of digital technologies to keep step with the "connected" consumer and attract talent. Others are creating qualitatively new business models and tremendous value around disruptive digital opportunities. In doing so, these companies secure not only continued relevance, but also superior returns. 

Experts says successful digital transformation comes not from implementing new technologies but from transforming your organization to take advantage of the possibilities that new technologies provide. Listen from our speakers how major digital transformation initiatives are centered on re-envisioning operational processes customer experience, and business models and how Companies are changing - functions work, redefining how functions interact, and even evolving the boundaries of the firms.

The NASSCOM Design & Engineering Roadshow with the theme: "Digital Disruption: Transitioning to a Digital Enterprise" will focus fully on this pivotal question and will address the transitioning to Digital Enterprise.
Overall, this session aims to provide an understanding of Business Agility through interactions with practitioners to discuss, deliberate and learn from each other.

Time Session Speaker
09:30 am - 10: 00 am Registration -
10:00 am - 10: 10 am Welcome Note NASSCOM/Regional ER&D Leader
10:10 am - 11: 00 am Embarking on a Digital Engineering Journey KPMG
11:00 am - 11: 20 am Use Case - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on Aircraft Engine recertification delivered significant cost savings Cyient
11:20 am - 11: 40 am Tea/Networking Break -
11:40 am - 12: 00 pm Digital Transformation : Transforming Operational Process, Customer experiences and Business Models (Use case by a leader) Industry Leader
12:00 pm - 12: 30 pm Start-up showcase - Innovation at its best Gayam Motor Works
12:30 pm - 01: 30 pm Closing Remarks followed by Networking Break -

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Program Schedule

Thursday, September 7th,2017 - 09:30 AM- 13:30 PM


HICC, Novotel, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad